Instead of Frauen*Bolzmasters 2020 from Kassel to Uitenhage

more than just a run...


 to our site. We, the Dynamitas, appreciate your interest in our current campaign, Togethere.

On the homepage you will find information about the run and links to supporting events. Under "on the way" we share thoughts (in german sorry) and pictures of on the way with you. There is also space for your pictures at the whiteboard. Last but not least, under projects, you will find information about the initiatives we would like to support with this campaign.


Warm and dynamic!  




More than a run...

This year we would like to invite you, to join us in a virtual run.

Starting at the Waldauer Wiesen in Kassel, we walk, run, roll and hike 13.856 kilometres to Uitenhage in South Africa. Our way leads us via Lesbos. Here we 're standing still for a moment looking at the various projects that support people fleeing from war, hunger, violence and poverty – and who are never tired of living Solidarity without Borders!

We continue via Nairobi in Kenya. Tis is the place where our sister project "Girls Unlimited" is located. The project uses football to carry out social projects to support and encourage children and young people.

Our final goal is to reach Uitenhage by August 15th. Uitenhage is the city in which the organization Swiftresponse is active. Their work is also very important to us. Our virtual route map at Crowdlauf shows which part of our route we already went along together.




Instead of  Frauen*Bolzmasters 202o together from Kassel to Uitenhage, South Africa


More than a run... celebrating together, playing together, moving something together...

party together

Even if we can't meet eachother on the Waldauer Wiesen... Celebrating together is a must. 


playing together

As with all our events, the focus of the run is on togetherness. This does not mean that we do not appreciate a good competition. Stay up to date  over here,to see what kind of  team games we still have in store for you. 


working together

For us sport is as complex as life itself. It is a reflection of society and offers possibilities to redesign it. In the many years that we at Dynamo have been actively involved in sports, we have always been looking for people with a similar understanding of sport and culture. 





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