Working together

...We are happy about the exchange that takes place within the Bolzmasters, and especially the BolzWM and the events around it.

We hope that our Together event will also bring people together and help them get into contact. 

In diesem Abschnitt werden mit Girls Unlimited und Swiftresponse zwei Projekte beschrieben mit denen wir gerne zusammenarbeiten. Auch sie stehen für mehr als nur Fußball. 

In this section we describe Girls Unlimited and Swiftresponse, two projects with whom we are happy to work together. Just like Dynamo Windrad and the BolzWm they stand for more than just football. 

With more than ‘just’ football we would also define 'the Rote Stern Leipzig'. On one of our dynamic trips we met Andrea who is part of Fem*powerment. Besides her feminist work in the project, she also volunteers for Solidarität ohne Grenzen.

Solidarät ohne Grenzen

I'm Andrea from Leipzig...I'm a footballer, musician, feminist, activist...

Here in Leipzig I regularly organise events or sports events that give women* a stage and empower them...concerts, workshops, football tournaments, cycling workshops, lectures etc.

What happens at the European external borders, on the Mediterranean Sea, but also in Germany - or how the topic of flight and asylum is dealt with, has made me angry...and sad...and speechless!


Girls Unlimited, Nairobi 

Girls Unlimited is a non-profit organization that is run exclusively by women. They are committed to helping children and young people from the poorer parts of Nairobi, train and teach them. The focus is on combining everyday skills with and through sport. Girls Unlimited uses football as a tool to advise, teach and support children and young people in important life situations. In addition to the work with children and young people, a major football tournament for women* and girls* is held annually. The organisation consists of twenty active, experienced, committed and qualified women who act as competent trainers, educators and teachers. They are committed to showing children and young people perspectives and enabling them to participate.


Swiftresponse, Uitenhage

Swiftresponse is a non-profit organisation in Uitenhage (South Africa) that uses football as a tool to bring about social change. The focus is to show children and young people perspectives and alternatives to destructive lifestyles through football. Each training session therefore begins with a small lesson on various topics. In addition to the regular lessons, Swiftresponse also offers support to families who cannot afford to send their children to school. Throughout the year there are offers and tournaments taking place at the weekends. Girls and boys play in mixed teams. The focus here is on topics such as gender equality, fair play and respect. During the holidays, holiday camps are offered and once a year there is a big party with a ceremony to honour all participants*. A further goal of the organisation is the establishment of a development centre in which members have access to further educational opportunities, computers and the Internet – and in which workshops can be offered on a regular basis. 


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