How can I register?

Write us at Tell us your team name and/or name of the individual and we will send you more information.

Which ways of moving are allowed?

You can walk, from walking pace to sprint, or use a wheelchair (all kind of)

What if I don't want to join the social program?

You don't have to.

How do you track my kilometres?

You can access our crowdlauf- page via our homepage. On this page you enter the miles you have already run. This is important to see how many of the 13.856km we have completed.

Where do the donations come from?

From you. Everybody finds themselves a sponsor. They'll give you an amount x for every kilometre you walk. (Of course you can have several sponsors at once) ;-)

Where do I find someone to sponsor me?

IIn your family, among friends, colleagues in your team... At the bakery where you buy your bread rolls every day?...Be creative! Of course you may also sponsor yourself.

How much should the sponsor donate?

That depends on how much your sponsor and you have agreed on per kilometer. There is no minimum and surely no maximum amount.

Do I have to prove how many miles I've walked?

That's also up to you and your sponsor. There is no obligation on our part to provide proof of mileage. When you register, you will receive a chart from us in which you can enter your kilometres.  You can present this table to your sponsor at the end of the time. However, this is only an offer. What is important is that you enter the kilometres at Crowdlauf.

When do the donations have to be transferred?

You can transfer the donations to our donation account after the event with the note "Togethere".

Can I also donate without running, walking, rolling?

Sure, you can. You can find information on our donation account on crowdlauf.

Do all donations go to the projects?

Yes, 100% of the donations go to the projects. Each of the three projects receives 1/3 of the donations.

Where can I get more information about the projects that are supported by the campaign?

Is this fun?

Sure, and "togethere" it is even more fun.                                           



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